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Agassiz, BC
Key Services
  • Excavation and Disposal
  • Water Treatment
  • Habitat Protection and Restoration

Remediation and habitat enhancement were the focus of a landfill remediation project in Agassiz, BC. Milestone was awarded a contract to remove a landfill, remediate impacts and restore/enhance the habitat. A wide range of impacted material required careful management and offsite disposal at a range of approved and cost-effective locations. Remediation and habitat enhancement were required to protect several of Canada’s most important species at risk, including the Oregon Spotted Frog and the Pacific Water Shrew.  

Key Challenges
  • Comprehensive screening of excavated materials and careful management for offsite disposal 
  • Protection of native plants and species at risk 
  • Management of surface and groundwater to protect creeks, sloughs, and tributaries  
Key Solutions
  • Meticulous screening of excavated materials that included a diverse span of classification levels from agricultural land use waste to industrial land use waste, Milestone excelled in negotiating and securing a variety of suitable, cost-effective and approved options for both reuse and proper disposal of the materials. 
  • To safeguard water tributaries and preserve the surrounding environment, Milestone collaborated closely with two BC Approved Professionals to conduct a comprehensive risk review and assessment for the proper treatment of over 3,000,000 litres of heavy metal and hydrocarbon impacted surface and ground water. 
  • Given the presence of several species at risk on site, including the Oregon Spotted Frog and the Pacific Water Shrew, this project operated under a federal permit from Canadian Wildlife Services. Milestone fostered a one-team approach, working closely alongside clients, consultants, and onsite teams to ensure the success of habitat restoration design overseen by biologists and environmental monitors who contributed valuable on-field expertise.  


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