Our Team

Only The Best Will Do

Our Team is the best in the business. Experts in their chosen fields, they’re eager to test the limits of their abilities, challenge themselves to solve difficult problems and dramatically raise the bar for delivering remediation, heavy civil construction, decommissioning, reclamation, marine construction, and habitat restoration services.

What are some of the qualities the Milestone Environmental Contracting team exudes?


We love creative, talented people who think differently. We think outside the box to give us the edge over our competition.


People who describe themselves as “staid” and “comfortable” don’t fit in well with us. People who aim for the top do.


We’re not building widgets. We’re mitigating complex environmental problems. The process we take to tackle these problems matters almost as much as the finished product.


Our people have a deep understanding of the science behind remediation, and are always willing to explore new ideas.


We love people who ask questions, share ideas and draw on the expertise of their peers to dream up new solutions.


They care about meeting our clients’ needs. They care about protecting the environment. They care about one another. We treat each other like family and we love to have fun.

Meet some of our team members

Eric Pringle, Managing Partner, CEO

Eric Pringle is a Managing Partner / CEO for Milestone Environmental Contracting and has more than 30 years of experience in the environmental and remediation industry. He was drawn to the industry as the impacts of Love Canal and other industrial legacy sites on communities were emerging. Eric leads a dedicated group that thrives on tough assignments and excels at partnering. As a professional engineer, Eric is well known for his extensive experience in brownfield redevelopment and environmental / remedial design solutions. He also serves as a senior technical peer reviewer for the entire Project Management team. If you talk to Eric for more than a minute, you’ll quickly see this is a man who loves his job. And why wouldn’t he? He and his team are making the world a cleaner place, literally every day.


Our Team MS

Mark Seaman, Strategic Projects

Mark is a Civil Engineer with over 25 years of experience in soil, water, air and sediment remediation. As a founding partner of Milestone, Mark endeavoured to create a thriving and sustainable business that would seek out the best people and the most impactful projects.  Mark thoroughly enjoys assembling and working within the most capable teams in the industry to tackle some of the more complex remediation projects in Canada.  When not delivering on these projects, Mark can be found at his off-grid Laurentian cottage, in the hockey arena or on the golf course. Mark finds working with smart, resourceful and caring people every day to be the coolest thing about his job.  


Barry Grover, Strategic Partnerships

Barry Grover is one of Milestone’s Founding Partners and has more than 25 years of experience as a project manager for a wide variety of remediation projects. He is responsible for strategic partnerships and focuses his time and energy exploring strategies to ensure Milestone and its people are targeting projects and partnerships that excite the team. If you’ve ever met Barry, you know he’s not afraid to drop a little personal wisdom: “The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is make oneself redundant, to allow yourself the next opportunity.”


Milestone team member TC

Taylor Carlson, Human Resources and Payroll Coordinator

Taylor Carlson is a Human Resources specialist with over 5 years of experience working in industrial, manufacturing and contracting environments. A graduate of the University of the Fraser Valley in Human Resource Management, Taylor is an ambassador for Milestone in welcoming new team members to the company.

Favourite Quote:

“Don’t count the days, make the days count” – Muhammad Ali.


Team member PR

Penny Ritchie, Senior Project Administrator

With more than 28 years of experience, Penny Ritchie is a master multi-tasker. In her role as Senior Project Administrator, she has multiple projects on the go at any given time and keeps everyone organized and on schedule. Cool under pressure, Penny works with clients, project managers, superintendents, and suppliers to meet deadlines and discover new tender opportunities. Milestone’s resident Jack-of-all trades, she nurtures new hires, manages office operations, and assists the accounting department. But watch out if you miss a deadline, this Sens fan describes herself as a “pit bull with lipstick” and knows how to get stuff done.


Wayne Harris, Environmental Technician and Project Manager

A Certified Technician with the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists, Wayne Harris loves traveling to remote locations across Canada to work on complex remediation projects. He has direct experience managing and supervising projects for soil and groundwater remediation, brownfield remediation, site decommissioning, landfill construction, water treatment, marine, sediment capping, heavy civil, and implementing project specific health and safety plans, policies, and procedures. Travelling to obscure locations is perfect for Wayne, who has a passion for capturing night images of the stars and celestial events.


Ryan Colley, Project Manager

With more than two decades of experience in the environmental consulting and contracting industry, Ryan Colley has worked on a wide range of complex multidisciplinary environmental remediation and heavy civil projects across Canada. He is routinely involved in complex Brownfield redevelopment programs that require technical analysis of site conditions, development constraints, and cost-benefit analysis of remediation strategies. Ryan loves to explore sites across Canada and find ways to make positive impacts on the communities he works within.


Team Member DW

Dianne Walsh, Health, Safety, and Environmental

As the first official employee of Milestone, Dianne Walsh is the resident swiss army knife. With more than 40 years of experience and a long list of designations in health, safety and environmental, she thrives on the diversity of her role. She has extensive experience developing and implementing management systems and has more than 20 years of experience in auditing systems. Dianne is currently Milestone’s Corporate QA/QC Manager for the ISO 9001:2015 system. In addition, she is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL), and currently holds accreditations with the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals – BCRSP (CRSP) and the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering – CSSE (CHSC).


Mike Davison, Senior Site Superintendent

Mike Davison is a Senior Site Superintendent for Milestone with extensive experience in client relations and field operations. Mike has worked on a wide variety of remediation projects, including site decommissioning, building demolition, contaminated soil excavation/shoring, haulage and disposal of contaminated soils and sediments, tank removals, water treatment systems, mine closures and dredging jobs. Favourite piece of advice…. look after the little things, the big things look after themselves.  


Milestone believes a strong team means everyone has something valuable to contribute. Diversity and experience bring new and unique points of view, which is what allows Milestone to think outside the box and develop solutions to the biggest challenges out there.

If you feel the qualities above are inline with your goals, we encourage you to explore a career with us.

Join us for our next webinar on Indigenous Engagement, Inclusion, and Capacity Building. Attend the live broadcast and Milestone will donate a tree through One Tree Planted. Registration is free.