We love a challenge.

We aren’t like other contracting firms. Where some prefer to work on routine jobs that require little creativity and others opt to avoid tough work, we’re constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to think outside the box, roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.

Why? Because we love a challenge. Our founders’ 50-plus years of combined experience gives Milestone the ingenuity to develop and implement solutions that other contractors can’t. And when, for any reason, we’re unable to overcome an obstacle using our own resources, we engage with a number of specialty contractors across North America with whom we have forged outstanding relationships. Collectively, we  make complex projects routine and ordinary projects exceptional.

Five more reasons to choose Milestone.

Our experience and ingenuity are just two of many qualities that we bring to the table. Here are five others.

We’re innovative. Milestone personnel were the first in Canada to use such techniques as permeable reactive barriers, shotcrete shoring, thin-layer sand capping in aqueous environments, and groundwater cutoff by deep slurry underpinning in environmental remediation. When introduced to a project at the design stage, we bring these innovations—and others—to bear on the challenge at hand.

We’re cooperative. Our approach on every job is to ensure that everyone—owners, consultants, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers—works toward the same outcome. Projects are far more successful when we all work together.

We’re available. Clients who have worked with Milestone know that they can pick up the phone any time and reach any of the members of our management team directly. Our owners have a keen and vested interest in every project.

We’re transparent. Our project-management processes give our clients daily insight into activities, costs and forecasts. Nothing is hidden from view. Nothing is left to chance.

We’re methodical. Only Milestone offers a quality-management program that is based on the international ISO-9001 standard. We use this proprietary method to ensure we meet our clients’ objectives without re-work or unforeseen delays.

Tell us what you need.

We can talk all day about what makes Milestone exceptional. Better you see for yourself. You’ll appreciate the true value of our expertise when you meet with us and see how we work. So talk to us. Tell us what you need and we’ll develop a strategy to fit.