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Your Path to Exceptional Results

When it comes to environmental clean-ups in Canada, no one matches Milestone’s level of General Contracting expertise. Going beyond the ordinary from the outset of a project’s tender phase, we take immense pride in applying this wealth of experience to each project we undertake.  We provide practical solutions for known challenges and possess the foresight to anticipate unforeseen conditions. Our ability to deliver even greater value shines when we’re engaged during pre-construction. In a collaborative design-build partnership with our clients, we help select the optimal remediation strategy and assemble the best-suited team. This approach thoroughly addresses all project dimensions—environmental, budgetary, or scheduling.

Our Comprehensive Environmental Contracting Services

Milestone’s commitment to excellence extends across a diverse range of environmental contracting services:
  • Full life-cycle leading expertise to mining projects.
  • Effective remediation solutions.
  • Restoring sites to their natural state.
  • Crafting innovative solutions for Marine environments.
  • Preserving and enhancing ecosystems.
  • Top-tier construction services.
  • Comprehensive water treatment and management solutions
  • Sustainable and efficient Land Development projects.
We invite you to engage us early in your project’s journey for the best results. Milestone is your partner for success, and we’re ready to deliver solutions that meet your unique environmental challenges.

We Work Remote

Jobs that require strategic planning are not something we shy away from. Our team has worked on dozens of remote jobs across the country and have the experience you need to tackle logistically challenging work in difficult to access locations. Learn more