Engage us early for best results.

No other environmental contractor in Canada can claim the same level of engineering and project-management expertise as Milestone. We’re proud to apply that experience on every project we win.

During a job’s tender phase, we offer practical solutions to deal with the project’s known challenges and anticipate unforeseen conditions. Yet we can deliver even greater value when we’re brought on during pre-construction. Working alongside our client in a design-build arrangement, we help select the best remediation strategy and team for the job and ensure all dimensions of a project—environmental, budgetary and scheduling—are addressed.

Our services suit any challenge.

Call Milestone for:

  • turnkey site decommissioning
  • remediation and reinstatement
  • site reclamation and restoration
  • in-situ and ex-situ remedial technologies
  • in-water works
  • dredging and dewatering
  • biopile soil treatment
  • soil and groundwater remediation
  • passive reactive barrier walls
  • groundwater cut-off walls (soil-bentonite, cement, concrete)
  • lagoon and pond remediation
  • remedial excavation with shoring or underpinning
  • soil stabilization
  • in-situ remediation using electric resistive heating
  • water treatment
  • landfill closure and capping
  • mine reclamation & closure
  • design-build remediation contracting

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