Health and Safety

Ensuring Health and Safety Excellence

Our Commitment to Health & Safety

At Milestone Environmental Contracting Inc., we hold the safety and well-being of our team members in the highest regard. Given our extensive experience in challenging environments and remote locations, we continually review and assess risk registers while developing policies and procedures to ensure workers’ safety. This unwavering commitment drives us to:

  • Craft site-specific plans considering current, past, and future hazards.
  • Implement a “Stop and Think” initiative that continually reminds our workers to pause and assess their surroundings before undertaking any task.
  • Clearly define and communicate each worker’s health and safety responsibilities.
  • Empower our workforce to halt work immediately upon recognizing any potential danger that could affect them or their colleagues.
  • Prioritize the protection of delicate ecosystems in the regions where we operate, including tundra, natural waterways, and habitat.

Our Certification and Accreditation

We take immense pride in maintaining robust health and safety standards. Since 2016, Milestone has been COR Certified (Certificate of Recognition), a testament to our ongoing dedication to creating safer worksites. We also uphold a strong presence as a Member in good standing with Avetta (formerly PICS Auditing) and maintain ISNetworld (ISN) compliance, all supporting our comprehensive Environment, Health, and Safety Management System.