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Westshore Coal Terminal Facility

Delta, BC
Key Services
  • Excavation and Disposal

Milestone Environmental Contracting (Milestone), as a subcontractor to Pacific Blasting and Demolition, was awarded the site grading, remedial excavation and backfill portion of a larger overall project at the Westshore Coal Terminal facility in Delta BCWestshore Terminal had constructed new office buildings and wanted their old offices demolished, and the surrounding area remediated and gradedIn addition, several large pits (dumper pit, sludge pit) required backfill by a combination of virgin import gravels and surplus onsite gravels generated during site grading/cut/fill. Involved in the building demolition was hazardous material abatement.   

Key Challenges
Key Solutions

Milestone leveraged its proficiency as a “collaborative contractor” to effectively navigate and execute the project’s scope, encompassing: 

  • Multi-faceted site works and an evolving dynamic work scope 
  • Site grading to predetermined elevation. 
  • Investigation of Areas of Potential Environmental Contamination (APEC). 
  • Remediation of identified contamination. 
  • Stockpiling of excess site gravels generated during site grading activities. 
  • Road construction. 
  • Excavation/offsite disposal of excavated utility items such as decommissioned hoists, piping conduit, etc. 
  • Backfill of large Dumper Pit (approx. 12m X 10m X 12m deep) with virgin import gravel and excess site gravels generated through site grading. 
  • Backfill of a Sludge Pit (approx. 10m X 8m X 4m deep) with excess site gravels generated through site grading. 
  • Test pit investigation of the site. 
  • Offsite disposal of contaminated soils. 

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