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Victoria Island, Ottawa, ON
Key Services
  • Excavation and Disposal
  • Site and habitat restoration

Decontie Milestone Inc. (DMI) secured a groundbreaking contract from the National Capital Commission (NCC) to oversee a vital phase of remediation efforts on Victoria Island, a site of profound cultural significance for the Algonquin-Anishinabe people. This historic agreement marked the first instance where an Algonquin-owned enterprise assumed a leadership role in a federal contract to remediate lands within the National Capital Region – a significant milestone given the location’s status as unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin territory.

This project scope encompassed comprehensive environmental site remediation on portions of Victoria Island’s western side and a segment of the northern side of Amelia Island. Additionally, the endeavour involved restoring a section of the Timberslide Ravine watercourse featuring the installation of essential fish habitat elements.

Key Challenges
  • Remedial excavation program included working around former abandoned building foundations with historical significance. This required a methodical excavation approach to ensure the foundations were protected and cleaned for archeological assessment and documentation.
  • The excavation of the timberslide ravine required working adjacent to a historical log flume structure.
  • Work was completed concurrently with an underground hydro service relocation undertaken by Hydro Ottawa at Generating Station No. 2 which is also located on Victoria Island. This presented some major logistical challenges for sequencing of the remediation program.
Key Solutions
  • The project team developed detailed safe excavation plans to protect and maintain the structural integrity of the historical buried foundations and the timberslide log flume structure.
  • Milestone worked in close collaboration with the project Owner and Hydro Ottawa to re-sequence the remedial excavation activities to accommodate the hydro service relocation from the Hydro Ottawa generating station.

Project Scope

  • Verification of all utilities to zero energy state.
  • Precondition assessment of historical log flume.
  • Design and construction of temporary cribbing supports under duct bank.
  • Design and fabricate cradle system for lifting duct bank out of Timberslide.
  • Design and construct a temporary protection structure over a historic log flume near the duct bank and overtop of the watercourse.
  • Lifting of duct bank sections out of current placement for demolition.
  • Demolition the duct bank and remove all demolition debris from the site.
  • Deconstruct and remove all temporary protection and support systems.
  • Removal of foundation elements.
  • Excavate contaminated soil and transfer off-site for disposal
  • Backfill and regrade the excavation

Indigenous Engagement


In 2016, Milestone Environmental Inc. and Decontie Construction Inc. joined forces to establish Decontie Milestone Inc. This collaborative venture has emerged as a prominent Indigenous environmental contracting and construction company, with Decontie Construction Inc. holding the majority ownership distinction as the first Algonquin-Anishinabe-owned general contractor to receive licensing from the Régis du bâtiment du Québec (RBC). Our partnership was forged to leverage our collective expertise and create valuable training and employment opportunities for the Anishinabe (Algonquin) community of Kitigan Zibi.


Decontie Milestone Inc. embarked on a rigorous competitive procurement process to secure this project as a specialized Indigenous contractor.


  • This initiative has led to the creation of employment opportunities for the Algonquin Anishinabe community. The National Capital Commission’s decision to entrust an Algonquin-led company responsible for cleaning up lands contaminated by centuries of settler industry signifies a significant milestone. It paves the way for additional contracts within the unceded Algonquin-Anishinabe territory.
  • Next steps for this critical site include the development of a master plan in partnership with the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation to establish a place of special significance in the Capital for Indigenous peoples and their cultural traditions.

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