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Erosion Barrier Remediation Pitt River Landfill

Pitt River, BC
Key Services
  • Habitat Restoration and Protection

Until 1999, the Pitt River Landfill operated as a former logging camp and municipal landfill. Positioned approximately 10km from Pitt Lake, BC, on the east bank of the Upper Pitt River, the surrounding area is popular among outdoor enthusiasts who frequent the lake and river for recreational activities. Over time, changes in the river’s course led to significant erosion along its banks, necessitating an erosion barrier to safeguard the land and a nearby fish hatchery from potential environmental impacts.

Key Challenges
  • Implementing measures to prevent exposed garbage from contaminating the river
  • Safeguarding the integrity of river sediments
  • Adopting strategies to minimize disruption to surrounding vegetation to preserve the natural environment around the site
Key Solutions
  • Milestone ensured meticulous attention was given to removing exposed garbage from eroded regions, utilizing a combination of hand labour and excavators. Throughout this process, utmost care was taken to minimize disruption to the riverbank and existing sediments. To maintain the ecological balance, vigilant monitoring was implemented, promptly slowing down work whenever turbidity in the river was detected.
  • Protective zones were designated around all trees and heavily vegetated areas, ensuring their preservation and minimizing the extent of clearing and grubbing.
  • Diligent efforts were made to regrade all disturbed areas, promoting proper drainage, eliminating low spots, and reducing erosion potential. Places exposed to soil were meticulously reseeded using a blend of wild grass seeds, effectively mitigating the risk of erosion and siltation.


Project Scope

  • Excavation and Disposal
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Habitat Protection and Restoration

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