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Thunder Bay Airport Former Firefighting Training Area PFOS/PFAS Remediation

Thunder Bay, ON

Milestone Environmental Contracting Inc. Thunder Bay Airport Former Firefighting Training Area PFOS/PFAS Remediation.

Type of Work
  • Remediation of Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) and Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) impacted soil and water from a former firefighter training area.
Key Services
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Key Highlights
  • PFAS/PFOS are emerging contaminants in Canada and North America. Key challenges and solutions implemented on the project were centered around Transportation and Waste Disposal Requirements, Environmental Challenges, and the Fuselage Handling Plan.
  • At time of project execution, PFOS/PFAS were not regulated for disposal of soil and groundwater in the Province of Ontario. As a result, the waste had to be handled either as hazardous waste for disposal or complete incineration.
  • Scheduling and logistics of transportation for the wastes was carefully planned and executed due to the distance of the facilities from the Site.
  • A specialty subcontractor was employed for shearing, handling, transportation and storage of the fuselage to aid in the recycling versus hazardous waste disposal. This allowed Milestone to reduce the overall footprint of the project and contribute to healthy environmental stewardship principles.
  • Requirements for recycling/melting of the fuselage included ensuring melting of the fuselage occurred at temperatures greater than 1000°C, air emissions were properly controlled at the steel recycling facility, and specific Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing (PPE&C) to be worn by workers who handle the steel prior to melting.
Project Scope
  • Workplans and Submittals.
  • Mobilization, Utility Locates and Site Preparation.
  • Fuel line decommissioning.
  • Removal of standing water from the FTA.
  • Inspection and removal of mock‐up fuselage.
  • Removal of water between primary and secondary liners.
  • Excavation, transportation, and disposal of soil withing the FTA, including primary and secondary
  • Excavation, transportation, and disposal of FTA monitoring maintenance infrastructure.
  • Facilitate soil sampling of native soil.
  • Installation of geotextile liner and backfill of FTA.

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