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Thunder Bay Airport Former Firefighting Training Area PFOS/PFAS Remediation

Thunder Bay, ON
Key Services
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation

This project was to remediate the presence of Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFOS / PFAS) and petroleum hydrocarbons from a former Firefighter Training Area (FTA) at the Thunder Bay Airport in Thunder Bay, Ontario. At the time of project execution, PFOS/PFAS were not regulated for the disposal of soil and groundwater in the Province of Ontario. 

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Key Challenges
  • PFOS / PFAS are a remediation challenge for waste and transportation due to their persistence and abundance and are largely unregulated.
Key Solutions
  • The waste had to be handled as hazardous waste for disposal or complete incineration. 
  • Scheduling and transportation logistics for the wastes were carefully planned and executed considering the distance of the facilities from the Site. 
  • A specialty subcontractor was employed for shearing, handling, transporting, and storing the fuselage to aid in recycling versus hazardous waste disposal. 
  • Requirements for recycling/melting of the fuselage included ensuring melting of the fuselage occurred at temperatures greater than 1000°C, air emissions were properly controlled at the steel recycling facility, and specific Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing (PPE&C) to be worn by workers who handle the steel before melting. 

Project Scope

  • Workplans and Submittals. 
  • Mobilization, Utility Locates and Site Preparation. 
  • Fuel line decommissioning. 
  • Removal of standing water from the FTA. 
  • Inspection and removal of mock‐up fuselage. 
  • Removal of water between primary and secondary liners. 
  • Excavation, transportation, and soil disposal within the FTA, including primary and secondary liners. 
  • Excavation, transportation, and disposal of FTA monitoring maintenance infrastructure. 
  • Facilitate soil sampling of native soil. 
  • Installation of geotextile liner and backfill of FTA. 

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