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Brantford, ON
Key Services
  • Excavation and Disposal
  • In-situ Remediation Technologies
  • Water Treatment
  • Brownfield Redevelopment

Milestone Environmental Contracting Inc. was awarded a contract to provide environmental services for two properties situated in Brantford, Ontario. Historical industrial activities resulted in soil contaminated by Petroleum Hydrocarbons. The work for these two brownfield sites was to remediate and dispose of the impacted soils to reclaim the land for potential future use. 

Winner in the REMEDIATE category at the 2016 Brownie Awards.

Key Challenges
  • To create an innovative remedial solution to facilitate heavy equipment operation within a tight space. 
  • To address precautionary requirements due to the location of the sites within a residential area. 
Key Solutions
  • Milestone developed an innovative plan to facilitate the remedial work within the tight confines of the site space. This included: 
    • The soil mixing strategy employed at the site was designed to ensure adequate distribution of the ZVI within the soils to minimize odours and off-site adverse impacts. 
    • Soil mixing equipment delivery system with an integrated GPS system ensuring the reagent was delivered in the correct quantity in the correct location. 
    • Due to restrictions at the property line, a 2-metre narrow corridor was completed through a ZVI injection program consisting of 20 temporary injection points spaced approximately 1.8 m apart.
  • Given the location of the sites within an adjacent residential area, Milestone employed mitigation measures, including an air-quality monitoring program to protect human health and the environment. 

Project Scope

  • Mobilization/Demobilization – Equipment deliveries, trucking, unloading, lifting 
  • Site Preparation – implement health, safety, and environmental controls including air quality monitoring, survey (control, topographic, and layout), and construction of site facilities. 

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