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Slesse Creek Forest Service Road Habitat Restoration and Remediation

Chilliwack, BC

7 Cedars / Milestone Inc., a joint venture formed in 2020 majority owned by 7 Cedars Resource Management Ltd., a 100 per cent Indigenous business owned and operated by members of Shxwha:y Village, completed a habitat restoration and remediation project at the Slesse Creek Forest Service Road in Chilliwack, BC in the wake of a 200 year weather event that caused debris flow and habitat damage in the area.

Type of Work
  • Decommissioning and Construction in a sensitive habitat
Key Services
  • Habitat Protection and Restoration
  • Decommissioning of Forestry Service Road (FSR) infrastructure being plugged steel culverts and log culvert / bridge
  • Construction of new steel culverts, surface ditching and log culvert bridge
  • Remediate FSR from 200 year weather event washout and debris flow
Key Highlights
  • Engagement with additional local First Nation companies for site work
  • Construction of a design-build lock block abutment and fir stringer log culvert/bridge to re-establish water flow
  • Demolition and clearing of previous log culverts
  • Deepening of existing ditch systems around access roads
  • General debris flow clearing
  • Supply and installation of riprap rock
  • Regrading of the forest service road surface
  • Additional row of lock-blocks for slope retaining measures

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