Featured Project

Muncho Lake, Alaska Highway, BC
Type of Work
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Key Services
  • Excavation and Disposal
Key Highlights
  • Faced temperatures in the ‐30 to ‐40 degree Celsius range, creating a logistical challenge to maintain worker safety and keep heavy equipment running efficiently.
  • Project was located on an isolated stretch of the Alaska Highway – approximately 2 or 3 hours in either direction to reach essential services. Despite these constraints, Milestone was able to complete the project on‐time and on‐budget.
Project Scope
  • Construction of an engineered soil treatment facility (STF) to accommodate contaminated soil from this contract and future fiscal projects.
  • Excavation, loading, trucking and transfer of contaminated soil from km 698 maintenance yard to km 713 for placement of the STF.
  • Provision and operation of water treatment plant and equipment to manage accumulated groundwater within the excavations.
  • Excavation, loading, transport, placement and compaction of granular backfill material to restore excavation areas.

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