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Victoria, BC
Key Services
  • Dredging and Dewatering

A bustling harbour in Victoria, BC, was the site of a dredging project. Decades of historical industrial use of the area had contaminated the ocean floor, and the objective of this project was to dredge and dispose of PCB-contaminated sediments.

Key Challenges
  • Effectively managing classification and segregation of contaminants
  • Navigating operational and regulatory complexities of transporting and disposing of PCB-contaminated sediment
Key Solutions
  • Utilizing precision dredging with coordinate management to accurately remove sediments from a superficial depth on the ocean floor.
  • Milestone meticulously managed the operational and regulatory logistics involved in transporting and disposing of the PCB-contaminated sediment within a bustling harbour used for shipping and float plane operations, necessitating tugboats, rail cars, and barges.

Project Scope

  • Mobilization of labour, equipment and materials to safely execute the project.
  • Dredging of ~3,200 tonnes of PCB-contaminated soils.
  • Water, road and rail transport of PCBs under Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG).
  • Repackaging of PCBs into UN‐rated containment for transport to thermal destruction.
  • Placement of 2,400 tonnes of Residual Management Cover (RMC).

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