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In Situ Remediation Program Fireside Maintenance Camp

KM 839, HIGHWAY 97, BC
Key Services
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation



Milestone successfully secured a project for the in situ remediation of a highway maintenance camp in British Columbia. The Fireside Maintenance Camp, situated around 380km northwest of Fort Nelson, BC, and 150 km southwest of Watson Lake, YT, required comprehensive remediation efforts. The project focused on addressing contamination issues in the soil, specifically targeting deep petroleum hydrocarbons (PHC) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) through the use of deep depth injection wells.

Key Challenges
  • Harsh northern winter conditions impacting the deployment of remedial technologies and equipment.
  • Extremely isolated and distant location
Key Solutions
  • Adaptation of equipment usage schedules to leverage slightly warmer temperatures and reduce idle time before deployment.
  • Implementation of corrective measures to ensure safe working conditions in the midst of melting snow and ice flowing into the path of operating equipment.
  • Rigorous logistical planning to guarantee timely delivery of materials and supplies essential to the project.


Project Scope

  • Mobilization and site preparation.
  • Installation of on-site living quarters for crew.
  • Snow clearing.
  • Pre and post condition surveys and injection point layout.
  • Installation and development of a water well.
  • Advance injection probes to depths greater than 30 meters.
  • Injecting enhanced hydrogen peroxide into the soil and groundwater to aid the breakdown of hydrocarbon contamination.
  • Site restoration to match pre-project conditions
  • Demobilization

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