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Clark Bellinger Pond Clean Out Facility Stormwater Pond Cleanout

Ottawa, ON
Key Services
  • Stormwater pond sediment dredging, dewatering, removal and disposal.

Milestone successfully secured a contract with the City of Ottawa for the cleaning of accumulated sediment at the Clarke Bellinger Stormwater Control facility. This facility plays a crucial role in managing stormwater flow from an upstream urban area to prevent accelerated erosion along a nearby creek. The project primarily employed hydraulic (suction) dredging techniques for pond sediment removal, coupled with advanced sludge dewatering technology.

Key Challenges

The primary challenge involved safeguarding the environment and minimizing erosion while implementing sludge dewatering technology. Additionally, once pond sediments were successfully dredged and dewatered for off-site shipment, a key hurdle was identifying a disposal facility with sufficient space.

Key Solutions
  • Specialized Equipment Usage: Milestone utilized specialized floating plant dredge equipment, ensuring that there was no need to shut down the facility or drain the pond during sediment removal. This approach aimed at maintaining continuous stormwater management functionality.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Milestone worked collaboratively with the project team to identify an alternative commercial landfill. Furthermore, negotiations were conducted to establish tipping fees that could be accommodated within the constraints of the project budget. This collaborative approach ensured the successful and environmentally responsible disposal of the accumulated sediment.

Project Scope

  • Preparation and submission of pre‐construction submittals, including Traffic Control Plan, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, Staging Plan, Plan of Construction, Pre‐Construction Inspection Plan, etc.
  • Mobilization of all personnel, equipment, materials and specialized subcontractors to safely complete the work scope.
  • Removal of existing chain link fencing.
  • Grading and installation of sediment dewatering and laydown area for polymer injection and Geotube dewatering system.
  • Installation of new chain link fencing to secure the laydown area.
  • Hydraulic dredging of accumulated stormwater pond sediments and sludge and conveyance via HDPE piping to the Geotube dewatering system.
  • Water quality and turbidity monitoring.
  • Sediment dewatering and polymer conditioning.
  • Excavation, loading, transport and disposal of 14,000 metric tonnes of excess soil (dewatered sediments) to a local landfill facility as solid, non‐hazardous waste.
  • Removal and restoration of the dewatering laydown area to pre‐construction conditions.

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