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Calcium Chloride Lagoon Decommissioning

Amherstburg, ON
Key Services
  • Excavation and Disposal
  • Sediment Stabilization

This comprehensive project entailed the execution of a full-scale site demolition and decommissioning program for a decommissioning project for a former manufacturing plant for calcium chloride lagoons.

Key Challenges
  • Winter month inclement weather work 
  • Access challenges for heavy equipment 
  • Excess water challenges 
Key Solutions
  • Strategic scheduling: completed most of the work during the winter months. Milestone was able to plan accordingly to avoid schedule slippage.
  • Enhanced Access: reinforced access to the on-site receiving facility with biaxial geogrid to allow for construction traffic.
  • Water Management: employed effective, continuous water management methods to surmount excess water-related challenges.

Project Scope

  • Species at risk mitigation measures. Installing a snake fence around the perimeter of the work area.
  • Stabilizing material for transport and disposal, obtaining applicable ECA approval before work. 
  • Removal and transporting approximately 1,200 m3 of stabilized sludge off-site to an approved receiving facility. 
  • Removal, transport and placement of approximately 16,000 m3 of stabilized sludge to an adjacent site about 2 kilometers from the lagoon site. 
  • Removal, transportation and disposal of former lagoon liners at an approved off-site disposal facility.
  • Excavation, transport, and grading of approximately 65,000 cubic meters of clay berm material. 
  • Site restoration and backfilling. 

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