Featured Project

Correctional Centre Remediation

Guelph, ON
Type of Work
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Key Services
  • Excavation and Disposal
Key Highlights
  • Excavation, transport, and disposal of over 15,000 tonnes of VOC impacted soil.
  • Import, placement, and compaction of over 15,000 tonnes of granular B material.
  • Import and placement of over 1,000 tonnes of topsoil.
  • Restoration and hydroseeding of approximately 3,000 square meters of disturbed site areas.
  • Excavation, transport, and disposal of approximately 50,000 litres of impacted water from excavation areas.
  • Drill, install, and operate a High Velocity Dual Phase Extraction (HVDPE) system as part of a pilot program aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the technology in remediation of the impacted groundwater located at the site.

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