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Wishing Barry Grover the best on his well-deserved retirement!

After 12.5 years of dedicated service, Milestone bids farewell to one of its foundational leaders, Barry Grover, who has officially retired effective April 1, 2024.

Barry worked tirelessly to build Milestone from the ground up, ensuring its success and making it “The Place to Work.”

Barry’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedicated contributions have undoubtedly led Milestone to where it is today. From securing Milestone’s first project award in 2012 to fostering crucial partnerships like the one with Decontie in 2015, Barry’s leadership has been marked by milestones that have propelled the company forward.

Among his notable accomplishments are Milestone’s first annual Milestone Cup in 2016, the formation of a joint venture with Zibi and the start of Randle Reef  in 2017, as well as the amalgamation of Milestone and Milestone West in 2018. These achievements, alongside being recognized as one of Canada’s top 500 fastest growing companies by the Globe and Mail in 2021, successfully navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic,and forming the Northern division, stand as testaments to Barry’s exemplary leadership and commitment to excellence.

While it is bittersweet to send Barry off into his well-deserved retirement, he will continue to support Milestone on a contractual basis as needed. His expertise and guidance will remain invaluable.

As for Barry’s personal life, his retirement marks an exciting new chapter. With both of his sons thriving in university and new memories with his wife Patti awaiting, Barry looks forward to embracing the joys of travel, time with friends and family, and relaxation at his cottage.

Milestone extends its heartfelt wishes to Barry as he embarks on this new chapter of his life. His legacy will continue to inspire us, and his presence will be missed.

Join is in wishing Barry a retirement filled with joy, fulfillment, and countless adventures!

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