Mission Vision Values

The Milestone Vision and Mission

At Milestone, we have a VISION to inspire and attract the best people to tackle the most complex challenges for a cleaner more sustainable world.

Our DAILY MISSION is relentless collaboration in pursuit of ingenious solutions that improve the world and provide the best solution.

The Milestone Values


Creative, innovative solutions are at the very heart of Milestone’s mission and so we value, honour, and reward ingenuity in our team. We expect every team member to stay curious, share their thoughts, and enthusiastically pursue the most clever and original approach to the challenges we face. We are committed to bringing inspiration and imagination to every project through collaborative conversation that honours every voice, and to rejecting cookie cutter approaches as a course of business. When we think differently, we excel consistently.


Milestone remains sharp and competitive by persistently shaping and fostering genuine alliances among our stakeholders, including team members, clients, subcontractors, and community partners. Together, we are better. Teamwork is woven into our very DNA. We cooperate to move past differences, strike healthy balances, and maximize the collective wisdom, energy, imagination, and intention of all those with interests and interest in each and every project.


At Milestone, we care. About people, the planet, and the mark we leave on both. Above all else, we believe in dignity and respect for the individuals in our sphere and for all of humanity. We move through the world with kindness and concern for others and focus on considerate, positive, and empathetic interactions at all times. We are committed to safety and to taking necessary steps to protect our environment. This caring attitude is more than just a value — it’s Milestone’s way of approaching the world.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are not afraid to be ambitious. An undercurrent of true entrepreneurship flows beneath the surface of every project and challenge Milestone undertakes. We actively seek new opportunities and strive to maintain a level of flexibility that allows us to respond creatively as we discover them. We stand willing to take financial risks in service of profit and healthy expansion, and to take chances on people and new ideas. We encourage this enterprising spirit in our team members and support them in speaking up to share ideas, taking risks for breakthrough moments, and remaining nimble and open to the unexpected and unfamiliar. We heavily favour the faults and
mistakes of action and attempt over the false security of inertia or inaction.


By the very nature of our work, we are accountable to the planet and to one another. Each of us at Milestone is called to own our roles and our responsibilities. We must stand by what we say and deliver on what we promise. Each of us has a daily duty to the performance, growth, and wellbeing of our organization. We own our actions — both their intent and their impact; and, we hold one another accountable in alignment with our caring nature by being truthful, transparent, and answerable to our individual and collective goals and promises. We show up.