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Westshore Coal Terminal Facility

Type of Work

Heavy Civil Construction

Key Services

Excavation and Disposal


Delta, BC



Key Highlights

  • Investigation of Areas of Potential Environmental Contamination (APEC).
  • Remediation of identified contamination.
  • Excavation/offsite disposal of excavated utility items such as decommissioned hoists, piping conduit etc.
  • Backfill of large Dumper Pit (approx. 12m X 10m X 12m deep) with a combination of virgin import gravel and excess site gravels generated through site grading.
  • Backfill of a Sludge Pit (approx. 10m X 8m X 4m deep) with excess site gravels generated through site grading.
  • Test pit investigation of site.
  • Offsite disposal of contaminated soils.

Key Highlights

  • A dynamic work scope and work delays impacted the flow as well as efficiency of the multifaceted site works. Milestone’s cooperative approach to the work was a key to success on this project.

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