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Former Shipyards Remediation

Type of Work

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Key Services

Excavation and Disposal
Soil Stabilization
Water Treatment


North Vancouver, BC



Project Scope

  • Initial topographic survey.
  • Stakeholder consultation and management.
  • Site control in the heart of Lonsdale Quay.
  • Water Treatment for up to 250 gpm of metals and hydrocarbon contaminated ground water.
  • Excavation and segregation of various levels of contamination based on the slice diagram approach.
  • Treat and stabilization of 600 tonnes of soils contaminated with leachable lead.
  • Transport and Disposal of 50,000 tonnes of waste level metals and hydrocarbons.
  • Removal of historical creosote piles, concrete foundations and metal debris.

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Head Office Locations
Ottawa, ON
Langley, BC

Regional Office Locations
Port Hope, ON
Hamilton, ON