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PRB Wall Rejuvenation

Type of Work

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Key Services

In-situ Technology


West Vancouver, BC



Project Scope

  • Produce Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) media through blending predetermined quantities of pea gravel, limestone, sand, compost and zero valent iron (ZVI).
  • Remove spent existing PRB wall media, and replace new PRB wall media, through caisson drilling.

Key Highlights

  • Two types of wall media were produced: M1 and M2. The production of wall media, through blending of the wall media elements (pea gravel, compost, sand, ZVI, limestone) was strictly controlled, from a QA/QC point of view, requiring care / attention of all involved. Blending was undertaken through the use of excavators enabling
    efficient blending but requiring great care.
  • The lower portion of the PRB wall is made up of M1 with the upper portion M2. The media was placed within the caisson, once the spent wall media / native material was removed, and great care was taken the ensure media was placed in such a fashion to minimize media element separation, and ensure that media was placed at design depths.

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