We ensure everyone gets home safely every day.

Workplace incidents are all too common in construction—and we believe they are entirely preventable.

Health and safety is paramount at Milestone. That’s why we build detailed, site-specific plans that account for existing,  as well as past and future hazards. At the outset of our work, we define and communicate each worker’s health and safety obligations. We also ensure all workers understand that they have the power to stop work immediately upon recognizing a danger that may affect them or a fellow worker.

We foster a strong culture of awareness around safety on every Milestone jobsite by promoting behaviour-based approaches to health and safety. The importance of the Positive Safety Culture at Milestone, reflects in our core value’s of Our People, Our Safety and Our Culture. Safety is addressed and communicated in the workplace continuously. It encompasses the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values of all employees in our organization.

The Stop and Think initiative reminds workers to stop and think before performing a task, observe the hazards surrounding them and recall strategies and best practices to manage each.

The time we take to reflect on dangers makes us more aware of the risks inherent in our industry and more mindful of the need to exercise care always.

Milestone takes pride in having high health and safety standards. We have been COR Certified since 2016 and continually look to make our worksites a safer place for everyone.

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Ottawa, ON
Langley, BC

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