Only the best will do.

Our Team is best in the business. Experts in their chosen fields, they’re eager to test the limits of their abilities, challenge themselves to solve difficult problems and dramatically raise the bar for delivering remediation and decommissioning services.

What are some of the qualities they exude?


We love creative, talented people who think differently. We think outside the box to give us the edge over our competition.


People who describe themselves as “staid” and “comfortable” don’t fit in well with us. People who aim for the top do.


We’re not building widgets. We’re mitigating complex environmental problems. The process we take to tackle these problems matters almost as much as the finished product.


Our people have a deep understanding of the science behind remediation, and are always willing to explore new ideas.


We love people who ask questions, share ideas and draw on the expertise of their peers to dream up new solutions.


They care about meeting our clients’ needs. They care about protecting the environment. They care about one another. We treat each other like family and we love to have fun.

It’s OK if you’re not like us.

We earnestly believe that one of our best assets is the strength of our team and the like-mindedness of its members. So if you’re not like us – if these traits don’t define you well – please don’t apply for work at Milestone. It won’t be a good fit for either of us.

But if you are, and they do, then you should.

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Ottawa, ON
Langley, BC

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